Aluminum Sandwich Boards FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions/File Requirements

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1. What are Aluminum Sandwich Boards?

Aluminum Sandwich Board are printed with UV inks and comprised of two .012" aluminum sheets with a polyethylene core, resulting in a total thickness of 1/8" (3mm). They are lightweight and come in two pre-painted colors: White & Brushed Silver. Drill hole options are available for quick and easy attachment to posts, fences, walls and a variety of surfaces. Aluminum Sandwich Board are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Common uses include: real estate signage, customer/handicap notices, directional signs and much more.

2. Is there any other name for Aluminum Sandwich Boards in the market?

Yes. Aluminum Sandwich boards are also known as DibondĀ® and Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) and Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP).

3. What colors are offered for the Aluminum Sandwich Boards?

Currently they are available in a Brushed Silver / White combo. If you choose to print on the brushed silver side your panel will have a white back-side. If you print on the white surface your panel will have a brushed silver back-side. White boards are printed 4.0 (4color). Brushed Silver boards are printed 5.0 (4color w/ white ink).

4. Are there any mounting/finishing options available?

Yes. We currently offer the following options: 3/8" Drill Hole with hole placement 1 inch from each corner, Round or Straight Corners, Contour Cuts and 5/8" X 1" Stand Off hardware.

5. What is the thickness of the Aluminum Sandwich Board?

Our Aluminum Sandwich Board current offering is 3mm. They are comprised of two .012" aluminum sheets with a solid polyethylene core.

6. What is the edge color of the Aluminum Sandwich Board?

Aluminum Sandwich Boards have a black edge.

7. How are the Aluminum Sandwich Boards Printed?

UV cured inks are used to print directly on to the surface of the Aluminum Sandwich Boards making the product last longer outdoors. When printing on the Brushed Silver side (5.0) a separate white mask file will need to be uploaded. The white mask file will print as a base layer underneath your artwork file. This will help the colors "pop" on the Brushed Silver surface.

8. What are the file requirement for Aluminum Sandwich Boards?

Files must be submitted in pdf file format. Text and graphics should be placed at least 0.5" from the edge of the cutline for safety. Ensure you have 0.5" bleed on all sides of your artwork. Do not add crop marks.

9. Can I hang my Sandwich board Sign?

While we don't currently offer any hardware or instructions on how to hang the product, the Aluminum Sandwich Board is fairly lightweight, so it can be used for indoor hanging. Hanging the product with anything other than our supplied hardware is done at customer's discretion.

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