Backlit Posters FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions/File Requirements

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1. What are Backlit Posters?

Backlit Posters are composed of a 9mil semi-rigid material that allows light through. The unique base film and quick-drying glossy top coat on this product are specifically designed for superior light diffusion resulting in vivid backlit graphics.

2. How do I set up my Backlit Poster file?

There are no special requirements for setting up Backlit Poster files. Please make sure the file has a resolution of 200 dpi at full scale. Ensure that you have 0.25" bleed on all sides of your artwork for a 0.5" total.

3. Will the poster come with hardware?

No, we do not offer hardware for Backlit Posters at this time.

4. Can I use my Backlit Poster outdoors?

Backlit Posters can be used outdoors as long as they are placed inside a lightbox that provides UV protectant sheets such as styrene or acrylic.

5. Why is my Backlit Poster printed dark?

Backlit posters are intentionally printed dark so that when placed into the lightbox and turned on, their true colors show.

6. Can some parts of my design be transparent?

Because white ink is not used, large portions of transparent (white) spots in your design could result in the lightbox pattern being visible through your Backlit Poster.

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