Calendars FAQ Frequently Asked Questions/File Requirements

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1. What are the file requirements for Calendars?
  • All elements, text and images that are not intended to bleed off need to be at least 0.25" from the cut line for safety
  • Artwork should be provided with at least 0.25" bleed around
  • Artwork can be submitted as one multi-page PDF (recommended) or as individual pages
  • Custom Catalog, Booklet and Calendar orders are available by clicking on Estimates and filling out the custom order form
2. Will I get to preview a proof before the Calendar is produced?

Yes. You’ll receive a free online proof within 24 hours of placing your order so you can review and approve your pages before your order is produced.

3. What is the position of the calendar drill hole?

The drill hole (applies to all diameters) begins 0.1875" from the edge of the page. Please note: the drill hole is at the bottom of the sheet for odd pages and on the top of the sheet for even pages. We recommend that you use our templates to ensure that no text is in the drill hole area. For templates click here.

4. What type of coil is used for spiral bound calendars?

The coil for spiral bound calendars is a durable metal and is available in black only.

5. What is the diameter of the coil used for spiral bound calendars?
  • 100lb Book = 1/4" (both 26 & 38 pager)
  • 100lb Cover = 5/16"​ (both 26 & 38 pager)
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