Fan Cutouts FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions/File Requirements

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1. What are the file requirements?

We require a 0.5" bleed on all sides. Finish size will be 18" X 30", but the file size should 19" X 31" to allow for bleed.

2. Can I order a different size other than 18" X 30"?

Currenlty this product we offer as one size which is 18" X 30". However customers can order a different size through custom estimating but they will need to have their own custom cut file.

3. Can we print this on a different material other than 4Coro?

Currenlty we only offer this product on 4Coro. A custom estimate can be submitted to confirm if the product can be printed on a different material. If the product is able to be produced and still measures 18" X 30" the same template can be used. If its a different size then the customer must provide their own template.

4. Are there any mounting or additional options available?

Yes. Fan Cutouts have additional options for Grommets on all 4 corners, H-stakes and a 24" Easel Back.

5. Can I use this product Outdoors?

Fan Cutouts are produced with 4coro material, allowing the piece to be used outdoors. We do not recommend for the item to be left outside during difficult weather.

6. Can the Fan Cutouts stand up alone?

Yes, Fan Cutouts have an additional option for a 24" Easel Back which will allow for the product to stand on its own. When the option is selected, the Fan Cutout will ship with the Easel back already installed.

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