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Frequently Asked Questions/File Requirements

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How should I set up my file for proper rotation?

For a Presentation Folder please download our templates, it is important to note that they are printed flat.

How should I set up my file for proper rotation on pockets?

The designation of the pockets is based on the flat images so when choosing pockets be mindful of this, please use this image as an example.

Design Like ThisOrder Like This

Presentation Folder

IMPORTANT - Please follow this rule when choosing slits, keep any design, text or logos out of the slit areas. The pocket side you want the slits on should follow the orientation rule above.

Why is there cracking on my Presentation folder job?

Cracking is normal when coated jobs are scored and folded. Ordering the job without UV will help but may not prevent this. As the job is used and folded more and more, cracking will eventually happen. For black Ink or dark designs the higher the ink density, the more likelihood of cracking.

Can you print on the inside of the folder?

Yes, when selecting 4/4 the uploader will require two files, here is where Front will designate the cover and back cover of the final piece and Back will be considered the inside of the folder.

Should I include guidelines or crop marks on the art for slits, etc.?

No, please use our template to design the art but remove and do not include guides for slits, if a template is sent as a layer on the art it will print.

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