Window Graphics (8mil Opaque) FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions/File Requirements

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1. Are the 8mil Opaque Window Graphics see-through?

No. The 8mil Opaque Window Graphics are opaque offering excellent blockout coverage.

2. How do I know which side will have the Adhesive?

When ordering single-sided prints you can choose whether you want to mount your print on the inside or the outside of a window.

  • Prints to be mounted inside a window will have adhesive on the front.
  • Prints to be mounted from the outside a window will have adhesive on the back.

Double-sided 8mil Opaque Window Graphics the adhesive is always applied to the back.

3. What is the thickness of the 8mil Opaque Window Graphics?

The print material is 8mil and a 1mil adhesive film is applied for mounting. The over all thickness is 9mil.

4. Can I have two different images printed?

Yes, two different images can be printed back-to-back. Be sure to select the double-sided option for back-to-back prints.

5. How long do the 8mil Opaque Window Graphics last?

The removable adhesive from a standard window glass is up to 6 months, 1 year if left in same location, both based under normal exposure conditions.

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