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1. How do I order sample packs?

Sample packs are available for purchase and are listed in the Sample Request category on the left navigation menu.

2. What kind of sample kits do you offer?

Marketing Loose Samples - for a full list of samples included in the pack, please click here.

Grand4Mat Product Sample Pack (Loose Samples) - for a full list of samples included in the pack, please click here.

Packaging Sample Kit - for a full list of samples included in the Packaging Sample Pack, please click here.

Sample Book - for a full list of stocks included in the Sample Book, please click here.

Ultimate Sample Kit - The Ultimate Sample Kit includes Marketing, Majestic, Packaging and Grand4mat Products sample kits.

3. What is included in the Ultimate Sample Kit?

The Ultimate Sample Kit is a combination of Marketing, Majestic, Packaging and Grand4mat Products sample kits.

4. Can I request a specific sample size or type of sample?

We do not offer any sample sizes other than those currently available in the Sample Request category. We do not offer blank stock samples. For further sample inquiries please email

5. Can I drop ship a sample order to my customer?

Yes. You can drop ship your sample order to your customer.

6. How does a 'Sample Pack' differ from the 'Sample of a Completed Job'?

Sample Packs contain generic samples of products that 4over produces. They can be used for marketing purposes to show your customer what the products will look like after completion. The Sample of a Completed Job can be purchased for an additional fee at the time of placing a regular order for e.g. business cards. This is a completed sample of your job.

7. Can the 'Sample of a Completed Job' that I order be used as a Proof for my customer?

No, this is NOT a proof of your order and it will be shipped at the same time that your completed order is shipped. This type of sample is typically used to archive your work or to build a portfolio of printed samples. If you require proof of your artwork BEFORE your order is printed, please order a printed Epson proof from our Proofs category on the left navigation menu. Digital PDF Proofs are available to add to your order during the ordering process. Simply click the button 'Yes, send me PDF Proof'.

8. How is my 'Sample of a Completed Job' shipped to me if I select to drop-ship the order directly to my customer?

Your order will be shipped to the drop-ship address you selected, while the Samples of Completed Job are shipped to your Default Shipping Address. You will receive separate tracking numbers for each package.

9. I've sent e-mails to but nobody is responding to me, why not?

When sending correspondence to 4over, please do so from the e-mail address that you are registered with (your login e-mail) or provide the information in your e-mail that will enable us to verify your account and process your request in a timely manner. Information that will assist us with verifying your account may include the e-mail address and/or the telephone number that you are registered with. Due to the large amount of inquiries that we receive we may not be able to reply to e-mails that we receive from accounts that we are unable to verify.

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