Shipping FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about our shipping process

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1. Does 4over Inc. ship to PO Box addresses?

No. Our selected carriers do not generally ship to PO Box addresses. Economy shipping, if available, will ship to a P.O.Box.

2. Does 4over Inc. offer split shipments for the same order?

You cannot ship one order to two different places. For example, job number B55555-001 and B55555-002 will get a shipping address each but job number B55555-001 cannot ship to two different places.

3. Can 4over Inc. drop ship a package to my customer?

Yes. We can drop ship a package to your customer. Simply select the option Drop Ship then select an address from your Address Book. The order will now ship with your billing address to the shipping address chosen from your address book.

4. Does 4over Inc. offer a pricing or weight guide for shipping?

We do not provide a pricing or weight list but you may get immediate shipping pricing on our website when placing an order.

5. What type of shipping services does 4over Inc. use?

We offer Common Carrier shipping with multiple service methods e.g. Ground, Next Day Air, etc.

Purolator shipping service is available to US and Canadian residents only for orders produced and shipped within Canada.

6. Does 4over offer Purolator shipping service?

Yes. Purolator shipping service is available for orders shipped to - and within - Canada.

7. Can I use my own shipping account?

Unfortunately at this time, we do not offer that option. All orders must be shipped out using our 4over Inc. shipping account.

8. Does 4over Inc. provide special boxing if requested?

We cannot split a job into mutiple boxes. Our standard double corrugated boxes will be used to ship your orders.

9. Does 4over Inc. combine shipments?

Generally no, but 4over does offer group shipping on limited products. Please review the Shipping terms before choosing group shipping as turnround times and delivery may be impacted.

How to place your group order:

  • Select your product (business cards only at this time)
  • DELIVERY – Shipping Method
  • JOB NAME/PO – add your job name
  • Choose SHIP TO address (default or drop ship)
  • Choose shipping method
  • Click the "Add Job" button
  • JOB NAME/PO – add your job name
  • DELIVERY - Common Carrier
  • GROUP – Choose the group you want to ship this set with
10. Does 4over Inc. provide shrink wrapping?

We do not provide shrink wrapping as a service.

11. If I live in Canada and order from 4over will I be charged customs fees, taxes and duties?

If your order is produced at our Canadian plant, all taxes are collected at checkout. If your order is produced at a US plant, the shipping charge includes all fees, duties, etc. See below for more details.

Your order may ship from our Canada plant or in certain circumstances one of our U.S. based plants. If the order is shipped from a U.S.plant, please allow 4-7 business days from the date your order is shipped. Duties (if applicable), fees and Canadian taxes will be included in your order total. There are no fees or taxes on orders below $20.01 Canadian Dollars.

12. If I am outside the US and Canada am I responsible for paying the custom fees (ie: taxes, duties, etc.) on shipping?

All international customers are responsible for paying the custom fees (i.e.: taxes, duties, etc.) upon receiving the order. 4over Inc. will only charge our customers for shipping fees.

13. Why is my customer's address not accepted by your web site?

Our web site is equipped with an address verification system that checks all addresses for accuracy depending on the carrier being used. This assures your package will arrive to the correct location. Please make sure that the address is spelled, abbreviated and submitted with the correct suite, unit, street number, town or city and zip or postal code.

14. Why was I charged an Address Validation fee?

If the address supplied is not valid or complete, the carrier will make every reasonable effort to find the correct address and deliver the shipment. An additional address correction fee of $11 will be charged for this service. Please ensure that your address is up-to-date in your Address Book and includes ALL the necessary information such as the correct Street address, APT/suite/other number, town or city, state and zip or postal code.

Economy Shipping FAQs
1. What is Economy Shipping and what are the benefits of this service?

Economy Shipping offers the added convenience of utilizing a common carrier shipping option and USPS (United States Postal Service) delivery to residential addresses. Economy Shipping delivers to all 50 US States and US Territories. Packages shipped using Economy Shipping are delivered to the USPS facility closest to your delivery address. USPS will then deliver the package to a residential address.

2. How does Economy Shipping compare to other shipping options?

Economy Shipping offers a lower cost way of shipping your packages. The delivery expectation is up to 2 days longer than Ground. Delivery is available on Saturday via USPS.

3. Why don't I see the Economy Shipping option?

Economy Shipping is only available for residential addresses . If the ship to address is classified as being a commercial address, then it will not qualify for Economy Shipping and you will not see the option on our website.

4. How do I track my packages?

You can track by using the original tracking number with the final delivery leg made by USPS at Once your package has been delivered to a USPS facility, the USPS tracking information will become available. Tracking information will be accessible from our website.

5. Which products qualify for Economy Shipping?

Economy Shipping is available for single package products that meet specific weight and dimension requirements. Economy Shipping is not available for most Grand4Mat products.

6. Is this service available in Canada?

Economy Shipping is not available in Canada.

7. Is delivery guaranteed on a specific day?

No day-definite guarantees are available for Economy Shipping.

8. What happens if a package cannot be delivered to a drop-ship address and is returned?

For drop-ship orders, if a package is deemed undeliverable and returned by USPS, it will be returned to you (the sender) and not to 4over. A return-delivery fee will apply.

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